Refrigerated Pasta Sauce

Sauces ‘n Love Sofi Award Winning Recipes are authentic and come from different Italian regions so that they evoke a variety of emotions. We use only the highest quality ingredients, fresh, all natural and organic. We prepare our sauces in a traditional way by hand prepping, chopping, picking and visually inspecting every ingredient so that they taste like they were just made fresh; we then sauté the ingredients in small batches slowly to layer flavors that create a true homemade Italian flavor.

Shelf-Stable Pasta Sauce

In Italy, scarpetta is the way to show appreciation for a homemade meal. This tradition is performed at the end of a meal when there is still a bit of food left on the plate. Do scarpetta by dragging a piece of bread across the plate to soak up the last flavorful taste. Scarpetta is a way of complimenting the host on the meal, so remember to ask if you may do scarpetta before savoring the last bite.

Dips 'n Love

Refrigerated Cheese Dips

Dips ’n Love takes the simplicity, freshness and flavor of the award winning Sauces ’n Love kitchen to make incredible dips to savor and share. Dips ‘n Love has only the best and most flavorful cheeses and creams blended with fresh veggies, herbs and spices for a full flavor and satisfying bite. Sold fresh in the refrigerated section of fine grocers, Dips ’n Love has a clean simple ingredient list that naturally adds richness to life. Enjoy with your favorite veggies and crackers or spread them on bread and build unforgettable sandwiches.

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SNL Sugo Rosa

Sauces ‘n Love • Sugo Rosa

Our version of the vodka sauce is made from farm fresh tomatoes
and finished with cream. Repeat purchase is a must
and it is family friendly for pasta & beyond.

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Scarpetta Cherry Tomato

Scarpetta • Cherry Tomato

Whole cherry tomatoes are mixed with sliced garlic and oregano
to achieve a balance and simplicity characteristic of most sauces
coming from the southern regions of Italy.

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sofi Awards

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Every entrant into the sofi Awards will reap the benefit of participating in this heralded event within the foodservice and food retailer industry. The sofi Awards recognizes superior specialty foods and beverages from member of the Specialty Food Association. Finalists who represent food and culinary innovation on a global scale will be selected at the Association’s office in New York City by an exclusive panel of food retailers, foodservice professionals and journalists. Winners will be selected at the Summer Fancy Food Show and are announced at a red-carpet ceremony!

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What makes the sauces so delicious?

All of our fresh homemade products for pasta and beyond are made using authentic Italian recipes from different regions so that they evoke a variety of emotions. We prepare our products in our commercial kitchen in Lynn, Massachusetts. The tomato sauces are slow cooked starting from the fresh onion or garlic sauté, so that each ingredient releases its full flavor; the fresh organic herbs are only added at the end so they don’t burn and maintain their integrity; the pesto sauces are gently blended and the cheeses added by hand to guarantee a beautiful texture and color. We then sauté and simmer the ingredients in small batches and layer the flavors, cooking them slowly, so you can experience the true homemade Italian taste – even from a jar – imagine that!

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Revive the table as a center of pleasure.
Some of our best recipes come from the creative input of our customers. We’d love to hear from you and how you use sauces for pasta and beyond. We’ll publish your recipe on our website for others to indulge and enjoy.

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