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Foraging: Sauces ‘n Love Pasta Sauce


Sometimes, you have to leave home to appreciate what’s in your own back yard.


Case in point: our latest pasta sauce obsession. We were up in New York on assignment when we met Tessa Edick, who told us about her “little” homemade pasta sauce company that she founded with Italian hubby Paolo Volpati-Kedra. Our ears perked up even more when she mentioned that the couple’s gourmet goods were available right here in Dallas. Naturally, we came home and went shopping.


The verdict? Sauces ‘n Love (the name is a nod to the couple’s romantic and professional union) has our palates doing their own form of pitter-patter. These fresh, organic sauces are hearty and robust, and made from small batches with no added sugar or preservatives (so look for them in the refrigerated section). From pasta and pizza to dipping sauces, there’s a fix for every foodie, ranging from Pomodoro & Basilico to classic pesto. The company also has a new line of shelf-stable sauces called Scarpetta.


Hint: Try the Tuscan Vodka.


Oh, and more good news: The handy sauce containers are microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe, not to mention perfect for hauling leftovers to work. Not that we had any.


Sauces ‘n Love and Scarpetta pasta sauces, $5.99 -$7.99, are available at Whole Foods
Love story: Sauces ‘n Love Pomodoro & Basilico, $5.99

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