Phil’s Food Reviews

Phil’s Food Reviews

New Product Hits & Misses


With over 50,000 products in the average supermarket, people don’t have the time, or the money, to test every product on the shelves and with 15,000 new products every year consumers need to know what’s out there!


So Phil does the testing and the tasting for you and gives the product a rating out of 100 so you know what you can expect when you try something new! SupermarketGuru does not sell the foods we review, nor receive any compensation from the manufacturers for reviewing or rating them.


Phil taste-tests and judges each product based on the following 8 criteria:

1. (30 points) Taste: The most important attribute of any food
2. (20 points) Value: Is it worth it?
3. (15 points) Health: Based off the nutritional information, is it nutritionally balanced?
4. (15 points) Ingredients: What’s in it, how natural is it?
5. (5 points) Preparation: When applicable, how accurate or good are the directions *
6. (5 points) Appearance: Is it appetizing and does it resemble its photo or description
7. (5 points) Packaging: Is it appropriate for the product and does it have any benefits such as resealability, added freshness, better storage, etc.
8. (5 Points) Sustainability: Is the packaging biodegradable, is it wasteful, is the company endeavoring to offset their carbon footprint?


* products that do not have any preparation will have the full value of these points included in their total score

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This product is a HIT! This is not bar food! While most of us were introduced to the idea of orange, cheesy snacks with Pepperidge Farms Goldfish; probably in a bar setting this organic and baked evolution is less salty and will not turn your fingers orange which in a way takes a little bit of the fun away from eating goldfish, I mean Cheddar Bunnies, but having said that, this is a snack for bunny lovers of all ages to have on hand for all times. One more thing, I have to applaud is that they have based the nutritional facts on a very realistic serving size of 50 bunnies. Retails for $3.59. Think Organic, Napa, CA 800 288 1089

Annie’s Homegrown
This product is a HIT! Take one part fancy bottle, one part bubbles, one part hibiscus and two parts sugar and what do you get? Ooba This product is all about the power of the hibiscus flower and while it is true that research has shown that hibiscus may have the same health benefits as red wine and tea, nowhere on the label does it quantify just how much hibiscus extract is in the product. Does it taste good? Yes, but so would any product with 40 grams of sugar in one bottle! Retails for $2.49. Hibix Corp, Berkeley, CA 559.842.5600


This product is a HIT! Dont expect this Chimichurri to be like any other pesto or cilantro flavor that youve ever experienced this recipe is Argentinian and has less of an olive oil flavor and more of a vinegar flavor even though both are in the ingredients. For those who are a bit bored with the same old flavor this is a refreshing recipe. Retails for $3.99. Sauces n Love, Inc., Somerville, MA 866 772 8237

Sauces n’ Love


This product is a HIT! I am not typically a fan of soy based spreads; Nasoya Dijon Style Sandwich Spread has changed my mind both the aroma and the taste are exceptional and with just 3 grams of fat per tablespoon this makes a great mayo alternative. It is gluten free and dairy free and vegan and I can think of a dozen ways to use it! Retails for $4.69. Vitasoy USA, Inc., Ayer, MA 800 848 2769

Vitasoy USA


This product is a MISS! Pillsbury Savorings are a neat idea putting a filling of mozzarella and pepperoni inside their signature flakey Pillsbury dough. The pepperoni flavor is good, but the mozzarella seems to do little more than hold the pepperoni in place. The dough is what you would expect from Pillsbury, but then turn the package around and look at those ingredients Why couldnt they create a recipe that was all natural? Also, for those concerned about sodium, just 4 of these little bites contain 415 mg of sodium and 16 grams of fat too, for that matter! Retails for $4.29. General Mills Sales, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 800 949 3990