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Sauces n Love Scarpetta Pasta Sauces


These are perhaps the freshest tasting pasta sauces we carry. No doubt, because they are the shelf stable cousins of the refrigerated line of fresh sauces from Sauces n Love and believe me, you’d almost never know it. Besides being packaged in a container that looks like it should be refrigerated, the flavor screams fresh.


Take Pink Pesto for instance: Tomatoes, fresh basil, cream, fresh onion, Extra Virgin olive oil, pine nuts, fresh garlic, Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses…and that’s it. And the Tomato and Arugula: Tomatoes, fresh arugula, fresh onion, Extra Virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and that’s it. No heavy fillers or thickeners. Just plain and simple ingredients. You don’t need me to tell you that simple ingredients make for a superior tasting sauce. And what does Scarpetta mean? According to the guys at Sauces n Love to “do scarpetta” means dragging your last pieces of bread through the bit of sauce at the end of your meal in order to clean your plate.


My guess is that you will be doing scarpetta every time you use this sauce. Pink Pesto: A unique pesto made with tomatoes, basil, pinenuts, parmesan cheese and cream. Wow.
Tomato and Arugula: A marinara style sauce made with tomatoes, fresh arugula, fresh onions and extra virgin olive oil. 19.3oz


Barely Bolognese: Everything but the meat: Tomatoes, fresh carrots, fresh celery, fresh onion, Extra Virgin olive oil, fresh sage, S&P 16.6oz


Marinara: Tomatoes, fresh garlic, Extra Virgin olive oil, fresh oregano, salt and pepper. 28.6oz


Scarpetta sauces are gluten free and vegetarian.

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