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January 2008

Woodstock Farmers Food Blog

January 2nd, 2008|In the Press|

Sauces n Love Scarpetta Pasta Sauces These are perhaps the freshest tasting pasta sauces we carry. No doubt, because they are the shelf stable cousins of the refrigerated line of fresh sauces from Sauces n Love and believe me, you'd almost never know it. Besides being packaged in a container that looks like it should [...]

Supermarket Guru

January 1st, 2008|In the Press|

New Product Hits & Misses Scarpetta Spreads & Dips Spicy Red Pepper TASTE 30 VALUE 16 HEALTH 15 INGREDIENTS 15 PREPARATION 10 APPEARANCE 5 PACKAGING 5 TOTAL 96 We love this company and brand, everything we've tasted has been excellent! And their new line of spreads and dips is no exception. This flavor, the spicy [...]

September 2007

Plum Good Food Blog

September 1st, 2007|In the Press|

Sauces 'n Love Sugo Rosa Kate's Pick: "The perfect red sauce - the hint of cream balances the acidity just right. I will never attempt to make my own, knowing that this is for the taking!" Paolo Volpati-Kedra, a native Milanese from Italy, creates these delectable fresh sauces and packages them in convenient heat and [...]

August 2007 Food Blog

August 1st, 2007|In the Press|

Sauces ‘n Love ~ My recent packaging discovery at the market… although not the ONLY reason i purchase something, its definitely big on my first impressions, so i grabbed this Sauces ‘n Love Tuscan Vodka Scarpetta, and was pleased to see that they come in these nice Re-usable screw cap plastic containers that are microwave, [...]

June 2007

Newsday – New York City

June 1st, 2007|In the Press|

Food - Potluck Mint in a meal—In the interest of variety, you might want to switch from basil to mint pesto this summer, as we did last weekend, cut a pocket in a 2 inch-thick piece of swordfish, stuff it with Sauces 'n Love’s homemade paste, top with sprinkled bread crumbs and a few squeezes [...]

February 2007

The Nibble.Com Food Blog

February 1st, 2007|In the Press|

Pesto Perfect The Best Basil Pesto, Cilantro Pesto, Arugula Pesto & A Dozen Other Delicious Pesto Sauces CAPSULE REPORT: We tasted more than 100 pestos from around the world to find the best ones: some shelf-stable, some requiring refrigeration. Some of the best sauces were domestic pestos, showing the craft of American artisans. The Power [...]

September 2006

Gourmet Retailer

September 1st, 2006|In the Press|

Fresh homemade products prepared with love in small batches by slow-cooking methods. Only premium-quality, farm-fresh all-natural and organic ingredients are used in our products including extra virgin olive oil from the region of Lazio, Italy. Offering All New Spreads & Dips as well as Twenty Flavors of Sauces, Pesto and Bruschetta products in two lines. [...]

May 2006

Dallas News

May 1st, 2006|In the Press|

Foraging: Sauces 'n Love Pasta Sauce Sometimes, you have to leave home to appreciate what's in your own back yard. Case in point: our latest pasta sauce obsession. We were up in New York on assignment when we met Tessa Edick, who told us about her "little" homemade pasta sauce company that she founded with [...]

April 2006

News Magazine

April 1st, 2006|In the Press|

Show Stoppers Sauces 'n Love Pasta Sauces Presented in microwaveable freezable and reusable plastic containers with a non-refrigerated shelf-life of nine months, Sauces 'n Love Pasta Sauces are all natural, gluten-free and vegetarian. They are processed in small batches as only fresh natural ingredients are used. The sauces are currently sold in the US, Canada [...]

March 2006

Real Simple Magazine

March 1st, 2006|In the Press|

Beyond Marinara: A Pasta-Sauce Primer Vodka: The additional of vodka and cream makes for a velvety sauce. RS PICK: Scarpetta Tuscan Vodka Sauce. Real Simple Magazine