In the Press

February 2006

Better Homes and Gardens

February 1st, 2006|In the Press|

Home Front The Way to Someone’s Heart Pesto lovers will be green with envy when you serve pasta or bruschetta topped with Pink Pesto. This sauce combines traditional pesto ingredients: basil, olive oil, pine nuts, and garlic- with a tomato base for pure pink pleasure. Or stir jarred pesto sauce into chopped tomatoes to top [...]

September 2005

Specialty Food Magazine

September 1st, 2005|In the Press|

Outstanding Product Line Sauces 'n Love—Scarpetta Specialty Food Magazine

April 2005

House & Garden Magazine

April 1st, 2005|In the Press|

Yes, tomato sauce in a jar can be really wonderful. Here are a few that stand up to any homemade contender. Sauces n’ Love is authentic and delicious. The Sugo Rosa (pink sauce) is a smooth partner for shrimp or lobster. Scarpetta’s Tuscan Vodka sauce is a delicious vegetarian variation on the classic version. It’s [...]

March 2005

TV Channel 5

March 1st, 2005|In the Press|

Chronicle - Fancy Foods What new tastes are coming soon to a food store near you? Figs and fennel and flavored peanut butter. How do we know? We dropped into New York’s Fancy Foods show, the place to see the latest products from every entrepreneur with a skillet and a business plan. Tonight, we’ll sample [...]

October 2004

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

October 2nd, 2004|In the Press|

TV show/video I loved Ted's bruschetta! It was totally well-suited to a time-impaired lifestyle, it looked great, and I love Sauces 'n Love because they make yummy pesto sauce with real pine nuts in it like Ted used on the show. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Fancy Food & Culinary Products

October 1st, 2004|In the Press|

Oh So Saucy Gourmet pasta sauces provide easy restaurant-quality meal solutions in the comfort of your home. –Mint Pesto is the top-selling product from Sauces ‘n Love. The company’s Mint Pesto won the 2004 award from the NASFT for Outstanding Foodservice Product. The company’s Scarpetta sauces and bruschettas were also nominated for this year’s Outstanding [...]

September 2004

Fancy Food & Culinary Products

September 1st, 2004|In the Press|

September 2004 Outstanding product line finalists—Sauces 'n Love Inc—Sauces 'n Love Scarpetta Fancy Food & Culinary Products

July 2004

Boston Globe

July 2nd, 2004|In the Press|

New fruit, cocoa are food-show hits --this years Fancy Food Show was the largest in its 50-year history. Sponsored by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, the show exhibited products of more than 2,300 companies, from the truly innovative…to the simply bizarre…winners included Mint Pesto from the local Somerville company Sauces 'n Love. [...]

Fancy Food & Culinary Products

July 1st, 2004|In the Press|

Summer Fancy Food Show Spectacular Scarpetta fresh pasta sauces provide gourmet taste without the need for refrigeration. Sauces come in Puttanesca, Marinara, Tuscan Vodka, and Arrabbiata and Pesto. Fresh bruschetta toppings are Tomato & Artichoke and Tomato & Capers. Fancy Food & Culinary Products

June 2004

Supermarket Guru

June 2nd, 2004|In the Press|

This pasta sauce is sooooooooo good! Mama mia! Fresh and flavorful like your Italian mother made it. And what’s even better is that it comes in a plastic container that is microwaveable and freezable. Most convenience products lose a little in taste and freshness for the sake of saving consumers time. This one gives you [...]