In the Press

June 2004

Wedding Bells Magazine

June 1st, 2004|In the Press|

“Tasteful Flavors” Pass on those ubiquitous candied almonds. For a truly tasteful way to treat your wedding guests, try one of these sweet or savory favors. -- Cooked with love--Fresh organic homemade gourmet pasta sauces in Sugo Rosa and Mint Pesto. Wedding Bells Magazine

Echo Magazine

June 1st, 2004|In the Press|

It’s Saucey! Queer Eye for pasta sauce --there’s a new pasta sauce in Valley grocery stores that is the envy of all other sauces because it comes with the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy seal of approval. Sauces n’ Love is a line of hand-made pasta sauces inspired by authentic Italian recipes, created with [...]

April 2004

Style Magazine

April 1st, 2004|In the Press|

Vaporization Baby’s Got Sauce Sauces ‘n Love’s delicious tomato sauces and pestos are made with only the highest-quality ingredients, organic herbs and are gluten-free. If that’s not enough to melt your heart (or in your mouth)…consider that they’re made from a family recipe passed down straight from Italy. Now that’s Love! Zink - The Element [...]

March 2004


March 1st, 2004|In the Press|

Smart Strategies for Your Money, Health, Family, Technology, Design, Real Estate, Travel The Tip Sheet Food – Tomato Sauces There’s nothing like a bowl of pasta with homemade sauce to warm your soul on a cold winter day, but if you don’t have time to spend hours stewing tomatoes with chopped onion, ground beef and [...]

February 2004

Stuff @ Night Newspaper

February 1st, 2004|In the Press|

What’s Hot Sauces to really love Sauces 'n Love, a Somerville company that uses only the freshest organic ingredients in its sublime products. Sauces 'n Love has recently launched a new Scarpetta line of shelf-stable sauces that you can keep in your pantry for nine months without refrigeration. Stuff @ Night Newspaper

January 2004

Boston Magazine

January 1st, 2004|In the Press|

The Best Restaurants New England’s locally made products rank among the country’s finest. The best among them are made by tradition-bound purveyors, free of preservatives, and full of flavor—from artisanal cheese to innovative condiments. Here’s a handful of our favorites. Great Blue Cheese Sauces 'n Love, Somerville Stonyfield Farm Yogurt Triple Eight Vodka Bogland by [...]

November 2003

Washington Post

November 1st, 2003|In the Press|

A Fresh Look at Sauces Each of the seven varieties is equally chunky and fresh-tasting, in a late-summer rather than slow-simmered sort of way. –Flavor aside, the sauces are organic, contain no added sugar or preservatives and are packaged in reusable screw-top plastic jars with charming, if not quirky, labeling that claims “Pasta never had [...]

September 2003

Boston University Magazine

September 3rd, 2003|In the Press|

Marriage Spices Up Sauce Venture Paolo Volpati-Kedra met Tessa Edick in a Brighton park several years ago when they were walking their dogs. It was her striking red hair that first caught the young man’s eye, and Edick, who had traveled widely in Europe, was elated to learn that this handsome stranger could speak Italian. [...]

Hartford Courant

September 2nd, 2003|In the Press|

Food Your future in-laws are sure to be impessed when you serve them a plate of pasta loaded with a Sauces 'n Love creation. The company, based in Somerville, Mass, was founded by real-life married couple Paolo Volpati-Kedra and Tessa Edick. They’ve created fresh, homemade pasta sauces in convenient jars that go from fridge to [...]

Oprah Magazine

September 1st, 2003|In the Press|

The O list – “A few things I think are just great.” Pasta Perfect — “These delicious sauces come in microwaveable containers, keep in the fridge for five months (unopened), and are made from authentic Italian recipes. That’s amore.” O - The Oprah Magazine