Sauces ‘n Love – Refrigerated Sauces

Sauces ’n Love started with a passion for traditional Italian cooking, and bringing the magic of eating at home back to your dinner table. Our refrigerated sauces were the first product we offered as a company and we continue to innovate our offerings around the success and popularity of them.

We cater to those who crave the uniqueness in flavors that fresh ingredients naturally possess. Available in refrigerated sections of grocery stores and specialty food markets around the country, our fresh fridge sauces are the perfect pairing for any dish needing a dose of palette pleasing power. We prepare these sauces by hand selecting, preparing, chopping, and inspecting every ingredient – it’s the traditional way.

All of our sauces contain only imported extra virgin olive oil, farm fresh tomatoes, and herbs grown away from any harmful pesticides or additives.

Sauces ’n Love emphasizes freshness because we know it’s what makes our product different from any other offering in the aisles of your local market or grocery store. While many big distributors claim all-natural, we are the only sauce available on refrigerated shelves that does not have any sort of preservatives or manmade ingredients to extend shelf-life. We don’t put sugar in our sauces because our tomatoes come packed in pouches rather than cans. Due to the sweetness of these California tomatoes, we don’t need to add sugar – unlike other sauce makers who counteract the acidity of tomatoes with sugar.

We created a sustainable, high standard of creating Italian cooking in your own home, and our refrigerated sauces line is where it all began.