Scarpetta - Shelf-Stable Sauce

Our shelf-stable line known as “Scarpetta” is for the chef or home cook without a timeline. The same philosophies and techniques apply to our shelf-stable line that have been so successful in our refrigerated sauces; fresh, all-natural, gluten-free (look for the icon on the label), and absolutely no preservatives. The Scarpetta packaging technology is different in order to guarantee freshness without needing a refrigerator. With a variety of flavors and uses, shelf-stable products are also available online.

From sauce for pizza to sauce to top your bruschetta, every dish can be enhanced with our Scarpetta line. Even though these sauces are shelf-stable does not mean we sacrifice freshness and quality. For instance, our basil comes from Liguria, an area protected by the European Union and considered to be the Pesto capital of the world. Our growers pick the leaves in the middle of the growing cycle when the flavor is whole and fragrant. They are then immediately blended with Italian cheese, Italian olive oil and Italian pine nuts, among other ingredients. Our Pesto is 100% fresh and natural, never injected stabilizers, and never pasteurized.

Sauces ‘n Love believes that convenience does not equal lower standards, and we strive to create ways to maintain freshness for longer, more sustainable health conscious and delicious sauces.