Refrigerated Sauce

Sauces ’n Love started with a passion for traditional Italian cooking, and bringing the magic of eating at home back to your dinner table.


Shelf-Stable Sauce

Our shelf-stable line known as “Scarpetta” is for the chef or home cook without a timeline. The same philosophies and techniques apply to our…


Refrigerated Dips

Preparing ‘The Ultimate Frozen Italian Sauces’ for over 40 years, Casa Di Lisio uses only fresh Basil to make its’ award winning Pesto, sold nationally to food service distributors.



Striped Gnocchi keep the Italian tradition of only using authentic and fresh ingredients. We are proud of our Gnocchi; made out of 100% fresh and real potatoes!

Download Recipes

Make your own gluten-free and all-natural delectable meals by viewing our recipe suggestion page. The art of healthy eating and living well is about dedication to simplicity and steering clear of anything that comes in an aluminum can. With these recipes you’ll please everyone from a family of four to a dinner party of twelve. There isn’t anyone in the world who does not appreciate whole living, so get your recipes now!

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