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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download pasta recipes?

Find everyday meals for pasta & beyond, quick & easy entertaining and appetizers or to inspire your own recipe. Go to our recipe page: Click Here!

Which recipe can I make with vodka sauce?

Our version of the vodka sauce (which we call Tuscan Vodka Sauce or Sugo Rosa – Pink Sauce) is an onion based tomato sauce finished with cream – so it is rich in flavor but not heavy. Try it with scallops, fresh pasta, lobster ravioli, over vegetables, with ground beef for a Tuscan Bolognese, on pizza or with chips for a dip! Use it for kid’s meals to disguise vegetables. They’ll love you for it!

Does vodka sauce have vodka in it?

Sauces ‘n Love Sugo Rosa DOES NOT contain vodka. Scarpetta Tuscan Vodka Sauce DOES contain vodka – that cooks off during the layering of flavors. Typically a farm sauce, vodka was used with heavy cream straight from the farm to “cut” it and enrich the flavor of this favorite flavor.

How long do these sauces last?

Sauces ‘n Love sauces are required to sell by six months and Scarpetta sauces are required to sell by nine months as marked with a Sell by date on the jar. The jars are good for 45 days after the Sell by date listed. Once opened all sauces are to be refrigerated for up to seven days and frozen for up to three months.

Can I re-use the BPA free plastic container?

The Re-Uses of the BPA free plastic jar are endless! Storage, Leftovers, Crafts, Lanterns, Pen/Crayon holders, Ice packs, Kids snacks, Gardening, Dog water jars for travel, Organizing…let us know how you re-use. Freezer and dishwasher safe – we’re thinking beyond the ingredients to help the planet everyday!

Are these sauces healthy?

We source 100% fresh and natural ingredients (organic when available) to create sauces that are healthy and delicious. Our fresh herbs are all natural and organic, our tomatoes (lycopene rich with antioxidants) come from the farm, never from a can. We use kalamata olives. We use 100% extra virgin olive oil. We are committed to having a “clean” label with as few ingredients as possible. We never add sugar or preservatives. We hand prep our ingredients, saute’ garlic, onion or habanero peppers to create a solid flavor base and then layer all the other ingredients so that each one of them is detectable by your palate. We slowly cook our small batches to offer you a delicious italian dining experience – filled with tomatoes to make you happy and healthy.
Buon appetito!

Are these sauces gluten free?

100% Gluten-free sauces and products!

Which marinara sauce is the best?

You choose your favorite classic red sauce! We offer you a garlic based marinara sauce (also doubles as a pizza sauce) with fresh organic oregano. Our onion based tomato & basil sauce has a light fresh flavor to savor!

Do you have a quick and easy recipe?

Visit our recipe links and download your favorite recipe for making meals in 10 minutes or less, meals for kids, meals for entertaining or recipes for a special occasion. For a vegetarian meal and my favorite, add Sauces ‘n Love Mint Pesto to any short cut pasta with sliced cherry tomatoes. Serve warm or cold. (Add smoked salmon for a twist!) Barely Bolognese makes it easy to create the Emilian Romagnan traditional bolognese sauce in minutes! We’ve reinvented the helper for hamburger with an all natural saucy recipe. Add ground beef to a pan for minutes until almost brown (slice open spicy sausage into bits and add as well for a twist!), add sauce for minutes, and when pasta is cooked, mix together and serve hot.

How do I make Pesto?

Just say you made it, we won’t tell. Look for Sauces ‘n Love Pesto in the refrigerated case of Whole Foods Market, Any of the Club Stores or a Specialty Market near you! Scarpetta also offers a shelf-stable Pesto in the grocery aisle.

Is Pesto a condiment?

Pesto IS the new Mayonnaise! Try Pesto on your favorite sandwich, in a salad dressing, in a chicken salad, egg salad, mix with cream cheese or goat cheese, add to tofu or tempeh or serve on the side with cheese and crackers or crudités for the perfect appetizer addition for hor d’oeurves.

Can I be in love with a sauce?

We love our sauces as much as our customers. The media loves them too. Fall ‘n Love and let us know your feedback, comments and recent love affair!

What is in the dip?

Our Scarpetta Spreads & Dips now available at Whole Foods Market, online at and in the W Hotel mini bar. They are 100% fresh and natural pure vegetable purees that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and guilt free dipping with single digit calories and no fat for each bite. Dip away! Spread on your favorite sandwich, pasta, soup, fish, chicken, risotto or serve with cheese and crackers! Indulge and enjoy!

How do I make Bruschetta?

Bruschetta is a traditional BBQ favorite in Italy. Fire up the grill and toast the bread (toasters or oven works as well!). Rub the toast with a fresh garlic clove and drizzle the bread with extra virgin olive oil. Top with Scarpetta Bruschetta Topping – we make two flavors:

  • Tomato & Artichoke filled with fresh kalamata olives
  • Tomato & Capers with a hint of balsamic vinegar

With these two traditional bruschetta flavors you are sure to be appetizing and crowd pleasers. Also feel free to use ANY of our Sauces ‘n Love or Scarpetta sauce flavors to top your bruschetta. It should simply be fresh and all natural.

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